Greetings, and welcome to the Senate Holonet. If you would like to blackmail a Senator, or report corruption and bribery, you have come to the right place. We all know Senators are heartless, evil and manipulative beings who look to exploit the innocent; now you can send all the spam and hate mail you like. If, however, you just have a comment, suggestion, complaint or idea, then please feel free to contact one of the Senators and they will probably ignore you. It's worth a shot, though? review your email and see what can be done for you..

Along with the Senator's contact details, you will also find links to the various Star Wars related locations across the Outpost. The Holonet is your hub to all things Star Wars here at Outpost 10F.

So, here are contact details for all of the Senators:

If you would like to offer plans for Galactic domination, dial 1-225-EVIL and ask for Supreme Chancellor Jaden Korr.

If Jaden scares you, or you want to hurl abuse and blame someone, then dial 5-811-BLAME and ask for Senator of Adumar Hobbie.

If you're having problems with your beasts/partner, and need a beast-tamer, then call 9-566-IZIZ and ask for Senator of Onderon AJ Cardall.

If you're having trouble with a dead Jerman, and need assistance, help is at hand. Dial 1-844-SWMBO and ask for Senator of Corellia Bria Terrik.

If you're having a spot of bother keeping that garden of yours in pristine condition, or you need population control, then dial 1-325-CHANDRILA and ask for the Senator of Chandrila, Cynara.

If you're having trouble clicking that button, or following that link, then dial 1-800-CLICKME and ask for the Senator of Hapes, Kyp'D.

If you're looking to start an invasion and want the best and most loyal soldiers, dial 5-300-MANDALORE and ask for the Senator of Mandalore Majin Kaze.

If you need someone 'taken care of' and want a little extra spice, then dial 1-110-MINING and ask for the Senator of Kessel Osiris.

If not-so-glorious jewels are your thing, then you'll need the Senator of Nal Hutta - the 'glorious jewel'. Dial 1-450-JERMAN and ask for the Senator of Nal Hutta, Soka.

Here is your portal to all things Star Wars here at the Outpost:

Want to mingle with like minded people? Visit the Cloud City Cantina!

For Star Wars Trivia, check out the Capella Division of the Trivia Team.

If you're bored of the chatroom, why not drop by the Star Wars section of the OTF Forums?

For information and reviews on Star Wars literature, try the OTF Library.

If your computer is boring and you'd like to liven it up with some snazzy SW pictures, cursors and anything else you can name, check out the media downloads

The CCC security team, known lovingly as Ryo's Angels, are those responsible for keeping unwanted lamers and troublemakers out of the CCC. Check out their homepage.

You may also be interested in the following non-SW related links:
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