Between accepting large bribes, passing Draconian laws and exploiting the system to better ourselves, we do some work. The Senators are here to represent the people of the Cantina and to help improve and better the Star Wars genre. Obviously we don't do a lot of work in that field - it's clear that we're already the best. After all, everybody knows that lightsabres are not as clumsy, or as random, as phasers.

Senate BuildingWhen the Senators are not sat around drinking fine wine then you will find us blaming Hobbie in and around the Cloud City Cantina. We do sometimes venture it the other realms, although we prefer the Cantina - for obvious reasons. We may also be found sparring with the Wizards or Minas Tirith, or the Agents of Ten Forward. It is rumoured that if the three groups were to ever be in the same room at the same time, the results would be similar to Iain "testing his armory".

You will easily spot us Senators in the Cantina due to the special ranks identifying us. This makes it easier should you have a bribe for us or just want to come and tell us how fantastic we are. Or not.

When we are working, our work consists of improving the Cantina and exploring new projects and sugestions that can be implemented into either OTF as a whole, or to the Cantina. A lot of hard work goes on behind the scenes to ensure that the Cantina runs as smoothly as possible and that there are no problems with anything ranging from avatars to scripts.

Should you have comments, suggestions or complaints about the Cantina (Yes, I know this is a shocking concept) the please feel free to contact Supreme Chancellor Jaden Korr or Senator of Adumar Hobbie and we will see what we can do.