If you want more information about the Senators and the planets they represent, you've come to the right place! The perfect source for blackmail material and reasons to mock the Senators - as if you needed anything extra for that, right? Click on the planet and Senator names to get the full thing. You never know, you might even learn something. Although, knowing the people who wrote this, that isn't very likely. Oh well...

Adumar - home to the most blamed flyboy in the galaxy. Lovely air shows, though.
Chandrila - quiet, peaceful, and generally suspicious.
Corellia - famous for its half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf herders. Oh, and the whiskey.
Hapes - a fairy-tale planet of pirates, beautiful maidens... and dragons!
Kamino - full of more water than is healthy. Bring your swimming gear.
Kessel - barren, rocky and desolate. Somewhat akin to the ISA brig, but with spice.
Mandalore - populated by people with buckets on their heads. Hmm.
Nal Hutta - soggy, gloomy, and Mos Eisley's main rival as regards scum and villainy.
Onderon - wild place full of crazy animals and one crazy Senator. Shocking.
Tatooine - a desolate place with a magnetic attraction for destiny and disaster.

AJ - Senator of Onderon and Minister for Public Relations.
Amanda Sielu Paris - Senator of Tatooine and Minister of high-speed Transport.
Bria Terrik - Senator of Corellia and Commander of Statistical Relevance.
Cynara - Senator of Chandrila and Chief of Agricultural Subterfuge.
Hobbie - Senator of Adumar and Supreme Chancellor.
Kyp'D - Senator of Hapes and Overseer of the Functionability of Buttons and Links.
Majin Kaze - Senator of Mandalore and Leader of the Doom Commandoes.
Osiris - Senator of Kessel and Chief Executioner and Inquisitor.
Queen Demon - Senator of Kamino and Mistress of Ceremonies and Festivals.
Soka - Senator of Nal Hutta and Head of the Department for the Provision of Jermans.

Anth - Senator of Tatooine and Minister for Astro-cartography.
Kami Hannad - Senator of Bespin and Minister for Foreign, ahem, Affairs.
Jaden Korr - Senator of Korriban and former Supreme Chancellor.