1.7 BBY - Palpatine approves the plans to build a Death Star.

1.6 BBY - To celebrate the project, he goes to the Coral Vanda for the weekend. He uses the Force to win an entire Sabbacc tournament. For the last round, Lando Calrissian joins in. Lando, having been tipped off by Karrde, carries an ysalamir and manages to break Palpatine's bank completely. Tarkin objects and is restrained by security. He is later released from custody and becomes a barman.

1.5 BBY - Palpatine uses a Force trick to stow away on a ship and returns to Coruscant. Looking over the city that night, he thinks about the Death Star and realises that he will never be able to build it now. He throws himself down his apartment's air conditioning shaft in despair. Meanwhile, Lando buys the Corporate Sector as a second home and gives Karrde money to buy a Star Destroyer shipyard.

1.3 BBY - The Death Star project is abandoned due to severe lack of funding. Darth Vader finds out about Palpatine's death and realises that he is now the most powerful man in the galaxy. He gets wildly drunk in the Outlander Club to celebrate and is later found asleep in a gutter.

1 BBY - The Rebellion continues to gain support.

0.2 BBY - They wait on Yavin 4 for a few days and wonder why the Death Star isn't showing up. Their supply Corellian Whiskey is being depleted rather quickly and several pilots are getting worried.

0 BBY - Battle of Yavin. A stintaril chases a runyip through the Massassi ruins. Outcome as of yet unknown. The Rebels wait for a while longer, then grow bored due to lack of something to bet on. Janson runs out of pastries and the Rebels pack up.

1 ABY - Luke and Leia have exams and go on leave. The Rebellion is put on hiatus.

1.2 ABY - With no Rebellion to crush, Vader is at a loss of what to do. He devotes his time to threatening Senators and listening to Metallica.

1.5 - 2.5 ABY - The Senate gets bored with being threatened every day. One by one, the Senators go on an indefinite leave of absence. Most find new jobs in Hutt Space.

3 ABY - Vader gets bored with Metallica and orders some Megadeth CDs. The shipment is intercepted by a group of pirates. Vader goes to deal out some punishment.

π ABY - Vader destroys the pirates, takes the CDs and goes to Naboo, where he spends the rest of his life Force-choking Gungans.

3.4 ABY - The Senate janitor, Glenn, is left alone in the Senate Hall. He decides that the galaxy cannot remain without a government, and takes it upon himself to re-create the Senate. He seeks out the Rebels and asks them for help, but they decide it's too much paperwork. Glenn returns to Coruscant feeling disheartened. The Rebels head to Hapes because Leia and Mon Mothma like how women are treated there, while most of the pilots just like the women there.

4.2 ABY - Having run out of ideas, Glenn resorts to asking his wife, Jaden Korr. She agrees to help him rebuild the Senate. The two of them begin travelling across the galaxy, looking for planets to join their Republic. Adumar, Corellia, Kessel and Tatooine join. Jaden takes control of Korriban and joins, too.

5 ABY - Section 31 plots another takeover of OTF. Glenn forbids the Senate to act. Osiris, Bria and Hobbie resign and foil the plot. Glenn is angry and re-hires all three to deal with all the paperwork generated.

6.1 ABY - Kami and Bria complain that with all the blaster marks and smashed holo panels, the Cloud City Cantina needs to be repainted. Hobbie shakes his head and mutters about artists. Hong vetoes the original cyan and cerise colour scheme. Argument about the letter "C" and its colour ensues. Subdued, Kami redecorates the Cantina in a new style.

6.7 ABY - Anth uses his lightsaber to make salad. Much anger and argument when he mistakes the Wookiee delegations' suite decorations for leaf vegetables. Hong takes the Wookiees' side and threatens to execute Order 66. Glenn exercises emergency powers and calls in Iain to calm the Wookiees down. Anth gives up vegetarian cooking.

7 ABY - Jaden manages to generate a vote of no confidence in Glenn due to his lack of ability to keep her and her armoury under control. Glenn resigns and Jaden becomes Supreme Chancellor.

7.1 ABY - Jaden takes Hobbie as her right-hand man. Hobbie refuses to go to the Dark Side and sets a new record for being shot out and fired.

7.2 ABY - Jaden outlaws all Jedi and orders all Wookiees to be enslaved. Grant dons a bikini and does a Britney Spears impression for Iain.

7.7 ABY - Squibs invade the CCC. Osiris plays with thermal detonators. It takes 6 guards and a Wookiee to restrain him. Anth offers to let the critters play in the sand on Tatooine. They agree; Squib invasion redirected to the Sarlacc Pit.

8 ABY - Kami's star destroyer is stopped over Tatooine. Kami pleads being a consular ship on a diplomatic mission. CT refuses to believe her. She manages to evade his troops and shoulder the droids out of the way. Anth finds her escape pod on Tatooine. Jaden is furious when CT finds her secret plans. Once Jaden has managed to escape CT's interrogation, Kami is sentenced to watching the entire OT over and over again, in one room with Bria and Hobbie.

8.6 ABY - The key to Osiris' weapons locker goes missing. Kami is the main suspect; she claims it was the Force. Hokey religions currently under investigation.

9 ABY - Iain goes with Bria to arrest Hobbie. Hobbie states that he is the Senate and after the ensuing fight, Iain has to be spoon-fed. Near starvation due to overquoting the Matrix is passed off by Bria as a BMI-reduction exercise.

9.5 ABY - More planets petition to join. After initial confusion about rancors not being allowed as senators, AJ sends the rancor home and joins the Senate as Senator of Onderon. Majin Kaze manages to put both Hobbie and Bria on edge before it emerges that he is not Boba Fett, and joins as Senator of Mandalore. Queen Demon arrives in a bathing suit with plenty of hot dogs and gin and joins as Senator of Kamino. Kamino and Tatooine begin establishing trading relationships.
The Senators now number nine and are dubbed "The Fellowship of Blaming".

9.8 ABY - Queen Demon's hot dogs and gin disappear. Hobbie is blamed as the main suspect. He is later found sleeping it off in the corridor outside his room. Hong calls for someone to take the sleeping carpet out of the way.

10.2 ABY - Majin goes missing. Investigations lead to the Sarlacc pit on Tatooine. Majin makes efficient use of a thermal and leaves a crater where the Sarlacc used to be. Anth continues to deny responsibility for the whole affair.

10.5 ABY - Bria and Queen Demon go to Hapes for a holiday. Isolder hits on Queen Demon and drinks far too much gin with her. Bria discusses pacifism with Hric Dahlney. Threkin Horm gets involved and the argument gets violent. Janson collects bets, but Bria forbids him to tell anyone the odds. AJ shows up, shoots both Bria and Queen Demon with a Gun of Command, and takes them back to Outpost 10f.

11.3 ABY - Kami gets annoyed with Hobbie for out-arguing her again. When he stops on Cloud City for repairs, she manages to capture him and freeze him in carbonite. Majin takes the frozen Senator and brings him to Iain's palace. Bria frees Hobbie from the carbonite and Iain threatens to feed both to the Rancor. Bria is terrified. Hobbie offers the Rancor an eating competition and it retreats in fear.

11.7 ABY - Outpost-wide bacta shortage due to trigger-happy ISA officers. Queen Demon enters negociations with Thyferra. She sends Osiris in as a diplomatic liaison. Osiris says something soothing. Thyferrans are terrified; new deal is concluded and a steady, plentiful bacta supply assured for OTF.

12 ABY - Hobbie completes the Amazing Race in under 12 parsecs. Brady is annoyed and blames Osiris for the Kessel run shortcut. Osiris gets angry and hunts Brady down. Bria agrees to ship the spice that Brady mines to Nal Hutta.

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