Chain Story Event: Ghost-Hunt in the Outpost

In this event, we gave the crowd a starting situation which they had to expand upon - a few words at a time.
What they turned it into was ... slightly odd. Below, you find a summary.
The hosts were Spectres One, Whiskey and X-Ray. Hobbie kept track of points and announced them in batches. Shadow was in charge of moving it along, and Soka summed the story up from time to time, to keep everyone on the same page.
The update-posts concerning this event: Announcement and Results. Originally Soka and Shadow were planned and started to do the other one's job, but that switched pretty early in the event.

The starting situation

As always, it is a dark night in space. Everyone on the Outpost is sleeping, except, of course, Vic. Being a hologram, he patrols haunts the bars. This morning, however, it is unusually quiet: There are none of the usual complaints about getting up in the dark. Or about having to go to work.

Then, suddenly there is a loud CRASH, followed by tapping on a keyboard.
Almost instantly, Vic starts feeling odd: Someone must have broken into the server.
Looking down, he notices that he's turning into a ghost. But that's not the only thing that's changing in the outpost ...
*the lights go out*
When they come back on, ...

What your local OTFers made off it! (summary)

... Throbbie look innocent. Lights flicker on and off, and Vic checks out a wooshing sound. Ray, just having removed his comm badge goes to investigate with Thor and some accessories.
Loud voices start coming out of the walls. They say that their blood will be boiled with paprika. At the same time, the chat told Ray that it wanted his skin!
The voices then laughed at Throbbie, while doors went wild.
Annoyed, they call for backup.
Suddenly, the air cools down. A door opens and a ghostbuster arrives, it's the ISA! And a confused Agent Mulder who complained about not getting Ghostbuster Ray! Two figures beamed in - Scully and Ghostbuster Ray, who was cheered for his huge beautiful tiny google and Thor's hammer, and was eager to be pointed at the ghosts. Since he wasn't born on Halloween, they needed the hairy buttspider to show the way.
Vic was incredulous they had been waiting for these guyst o help - it was obvious all was doomed now!
They considered running away and hiding in the basement, but it was full of spookyfishes. Even being trapped, neither Ray nor Thor worried, for it was comfy and they liked the quiet. Things were certainly not normal - which was normal for the Outpost of course - and they didn't mind things not being normal anyway. So they felt right at home and had lots of ideas.
Meanwhile, Vic cried for help - he kept fading, all forgotten.
And Mulder was still sitting in the corner crying.
There was singing and the twerking made Thor hurt his buttspider. Hearing Vic's screams nearby, Thor and Hobbie ran to the door to help vic, but instead ran into a solid wall, because a Poltergeist wanted to share whiskey, and wall had appeared.
Completely incredulous, Ray felt this untrusted wall.
At the same time, Scully, Ghostbuster Ray and Mulder got together at Hobbie's call.
Finally, Throbbie was freed by blasting the wall. A mysterious figure, who had appeared out of nowhere was hit by a piece of shrapnel. This turned out to be Guinan, who was an axe murderer. Instead of trying to kill them though, she told them they were in danger. This of all things scared them so much they clung together in fear. Which in turn made Guinan more axe-happy! She went and slashed her way into the hallway, to hack the fusebox to pieces and turn off the lights again. All she wanted really was to get Vic alone ... but even there she failed, getting the buttsspider instead.

If you want to read a list of the actual posts, and find any mistakes that were made in the summing-up, check this page.


As announced at the start of the event, there were possibilities to earn points - but we didn't tell people just how they could be earned. Because people just going for points might have harmed the story. Because we are spectres.

Unlike you may believe, points weren't handed out based on bribes however - here are the criteria we were looking for:
Final standings:
  Carol 8
  Tanya 7
  Pheebs 7
  Leslie 6
  Goose 6
  Nathalie 3
  Arwen 2
  Michiel 2

How our ChainStory Event was planned to work:

This is a chain story event, which means people (that means you) take turns expanding a story-beginning we supply.
The person whose turn it is posts a few words, in this case 4-6 which fit the current sentence.

To avoid (complete) chaos, there will be a rotation to follow - try to remember whose turn it was before yours, and continue after they posted.
If you have no clue how to continue, you may say so and pass it on to the next person.

The time to post is limited - If somebody is slow, a reminder will be posted to them and after another short while, the next person will take over.

Please tell the host if you go afk without leaving the room - you'll be removed from the rotation, and we won't have to wait out your turn. You will be getting a new slot when you announce being back.

Newcomers (or returning players) will be added, to post just before the person whose turn it currently is. This gives them a few posts time to understand the current situation in the story.

It will be up to the host to keep track of the rotation - and it probably be posted from time to time, depending on change-rates.

The original order is the one in which you entered the Temporary room.

... and lastly: There will be opportunities to earn points!

Note: This was already slightly modified during the event.

This event took place on October 28th 2017, 22:00 UTC